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Pregnancy Pelvis with Fetus in the 32nd week of pregnancy,...

Cat.n.: EM270-L220
This life size model depicts the female human pelvis in median...
8 917,70 CZK

Male genital organs, 4 part

Cat.n.: EM270-L250
This life size 4 part model is dissected through the median sagittal...
2 722,50 CZK

Female genital organs, 4 parts

Cat.n.: EM270-L251
This life size model, composed of 4 parts, is a detailed...
2 722,50 CZK

Uterus model

Cat.n.: EM270-L261
Life size model of a healthy uterus. Anatomy is shown in detail,...
2 008,60 CZK

Uterus with diseases

Cat.n.: EM270-L262
Life size model of an uterus with multiple diseases. It shows...
2 008,60 CZK


Cat.n.: EM270-VET1300
This scaled down model of a median sectioned dog head depicts...
2 674,10 CZK


Cat.n.: EM270-VET2540
Canine basic life support is the same user friendly trainer as...


Cat.n.: EM270-VET4080
Elegantly simple – this model is built for performing proper...
36 880,80 CZK

The Skin Chart

Cat.n.: AO110-0019M
This oversized anatomical chart shows the human skin is great detail....

King of the Pippins

Cat.n.: 03/25
King of the Pippins natural size, from papier maché.
3 182,30 CZK

Baumanns Renette

Cat.n.: 03/30
Baumann’s Reinette natural size, from papier maché.
3 581,60 CZK

Landsberger Reinette

Cat.n.: 03/31
Landsberger Reinette natural size, from papier maché.
3 980,90 CZK

Malus Sylvestris

Cat.n.: 03/7
Malus Sylvestris natural size, from papier maché.

Dental disease, magnified 2 times, 21 parts

Cat.n.: AM110-0229
Your advantages with all 3B Smart Anatomy models: Free warranty...
8 107,00 CZK

Set of 7 BONElike Human Cervical Vertebrae - 3B Smart...

Cat.n.: AM110-0142
In this quality, a worldwide unique anatomical replica of original...
5 771,70 CZK
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