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King of the Pippins

Cat.n.: 03/25
in natural size, made of papier mâché
3 182 CZK

Baumanns Renette

Cat.n.: 03/30
in natural size, made of papier mâché
3 582 CZK

Landsberger Reinette

Cat.n.: 03/31
in natural size, made of papier mâché
3 981 CZK

Mini Human Spinal Column Model

Cat.n.: 1000042
To unlock these benefits, simply scan the label and register your 3B...
2 396 CZK

Single Breast Model with Benign Tumor

Cat.n.: 1000345
Model of a woman’s breast made of 3B SKINlike™ silicone with...

Castor Bean Tick (Ixodes ricinus), Model

Cat.n.: 1000525
Accurately detailed replica of the castor-bean tick; scale:...

Dandelion Flower (Taraxum officinale), Model

Cat.n.: 1000532
Enlarged 10 - 20x life-size, 3 individual models Family:...

Photo Gate

Cat.n.: 1000563
Infrared photo gate for triggering the 3B NETlog™ unit (U11300) or a...

Picket Fence

Cat.n.: 1000564
Aluminium strip with 21 openings for determining gravitational...

Drop and Launch Apparatus

Cat.n.: 1000588
For demonstrating unimpeded superimposition of motions. A launching...

Air flow Generator (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Cat.n.: 1000606
Fan allowing continuous adjustment of air flow. Includes a...

Set of 3 Weight Holders with Slotted weights

Cat.n.: 1000676
Slotted brass weights on holder comprising 3 sets with 2x 5 g, 2x 10...

Force Table

Cat.n.: 1000694
Equipment for quantitative investigation of the combination and...


Cat.n.: 1000695
High quality precision-made gyroscope for demonstration as well as...

Gyroscope Accessories

Cat.n.: 1000698
Accessories kit for Gyroscope U52006 consisting of a gyroscope disc...
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