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img33 Základní laboratorní sady: Studentská souprava - optika (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Studentská souprava - optika (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Katalogové číslo: 1000734
Dostupnost: Termín dodání ZDE
Hmotnost: 4 Kg
Popis Set of apparatus for carrying out 23 basic student experiments in optics. In a robust Gratnells tray with foam inserts molded to the shapes of the items and a transparent lid. The experiments are designed to occupy as little space as possible while remaining clear and easy to perform. Includes comprehensive student and instructor manuals and experiment guides. Contents: 2 lenses, f = +100 mm 1 lens, f = +50 mm 1 lens, f = -100 mm 1 lens, f = +300 mm 1 diaphragm holder 1 plug-in power supply unit for optical lights 1 optical light 1 overlay mask protractor 1 projection screen/experiment table 1 optic bench 2 tea lights 1 opaque body 1 single aperture slot 1 triple aperture slot 1 colour slide M-Y-C 1 F diaphragm 1 flexible mirror 1 coplanar board 1 semicircular body 1 converging lens 1 diverging lens 1 right-angled prism 2 sheets of graph paper, transparent DIN A5 1 scale Includes 23 Experiments on the Subject of Optics: Propagation of light Light and shadows Reflection at a plane mirror Concave and convex mirrors Refraction of light (2 experiments) Refractive index Optical lenses (paths of rays) Focal point of convergent lenses Formation of images with converging lenses Laws of images Focal length of convergent lenses Magnifying glasses Function of the eye Function of spectacles (2 experiments) Principle of a camera Principle of a slide projector Principle of a Galilean telescope Principle of an astronomical telescope Principle of a microscope Breaking down light into its components Mixing of colours Hmotnost 3,25 kg Rozměry 45,2 x 34,0 x 21,1 cm