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img31 Základní laboratorní sady: Studentská souprava - mechanika

Studentská souprava - mechanika

Katalogové číslo: 1000731
Dostupnost: Termín dodání ZDE
Hmotnost: 4 Kg
Popis Set of apparatus for carrying out 25 basic student experiments on the mechanics of solids, liquids, and gases. In a robust Gratnells tray with foam inserts molded to the shapes of the items and a transparent lid. The experiments are designed to occupy as little space as possible on the base-plate of the Basic Kit Base Set 1000730 (U60011), while remaining clear and easy to perform. Includes comprehensive student and instructor manuals and experiment guides. Contents: 1 Steel leaf spring 1 Lever arm 1 Ruler 1 Pulley 1 Pulley with hook 1 Weight, 100 g 3 Weights, 50 g 2 Weights, 25 g 1 Dynamometer, 2 N 1 Metal pivot 4 Washer rings to fit metal pivot 1 Pulley with cord 1 Trolley 1 Friction pad 1 Coil spring 1 Iron block 1 Aluminium block 1 Wooden block 1 Silicone tube, 500 mm x 3 mm dia. 1 Tubing connector 1 Clip, 8 mm dia. 1 Clip, 14 mm dia. 1 Syringe, 60 ml 1 Syringe, 30 ml 1 Plastic sphere 1 Rubber stopper (30 mm x 31/25 mm dia.) 1 Funnel, 40 mm dia. 1 U-tube manometer 1 Measuring cylinder 100 g Modelling clay Includes 25 Experiments on the Subject of Mechanics: Effects of forces Action and reaction Deformation by forces (2 experiments) Masses and densities of bodies Friction (2 experiments) Second class lever First class lever (2 experiments) Fixed pulley Moving pulleys Combinations of fixed and moving pulleys (block and tackle) Inclined plane (2 experiments) Connected vessels Pressure in liquids Principle of the U-tube manometer Pressure due to weight of fluids Buoyancy in liquids Floating and sinking Air as a body Pressure and volume Temperature and volume Effects of atmospheric pressure Hmotnost 3,1 kg Rozměry 45,2 x 34,0 x 21,1 cm Nutné: 1000730 Studentská sada - základní