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Equipment Set for Powder Tracing

Katalogové číslo: 1000739
Dostupnost: Termín dodání ZDE
Hmotnost: 1 Kg
Popis Plotting Movements in a Plane Using Powder Tracing A plotting electrode slides over a plane counter electrode that is insulated and covered in powdered sulphur. An AC voltage across the two electrodes results in the sulphur powder being attracted or repelled depending on the polarity of the plotting electrode. A trace thus appears in the powder with ridges that are formed at constant intervals of time. The distance between the ridges reflects the speed of the plotting electrode Set consisting of an insulated plate with 4-mm connector socket, a pulse generator and a transformer with two 4-mm plugs for its secondary winding, 35 g of powdered sulphur and a flat brush. Transformer: Safety isolating transformer, short-circuit proof Output voltage: 115 V – 230 V, safe to touch Protective resistance: 1 M? Plate dimensions: 390x270 mm2