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img194 Jednoduché stroje: Sada - kladky a kladkostroje k pokusům

Sada - kladky a kladkostroje k pokusům

Katalogové číslo: 1003224
Dostupnost: Termín dodání ZDE
Popis For demonstrating how forces can be altered in direction and distributed over an area by simple machines (fixed and movable pulleys, block and tackle) and introducing the concepts of mechanical work, power and energy. Complete set of equipment consisting of a stable base plate, retort stand rods, pulley blocks, block and tackle, a set of pulleys of various diameters on an axle, weight holders, slotted weights and a reel of cord. All the experiments can be set up quickly and easily since the closed plastic frame around the pulleys prevents the cord from slipping. Dimensions: Base plate: 810x200 mm2 Pulleys: 50 mm dia. Stand rods: 810 mm x 12.5 mm dia. Slotted weights: 2x 10 g, 2x 20 g, 2x 50 g, 4x 100 g, 4x 200 g, 1x 500 g Holders: 1x 10 g, 1x 20 g, 5x 50 g Contents: 1 Base plate 3 Stand rods 2 Plastic clamps 1 Universal sleeve 8 Hooks 7 Pulley blocks with 1 pulley 2 Pulley blocks with 4 pulleys 2 Tandem pulley blocks with 3 pulleys 1 Wheel on axle 15 Slotted weights 7 Weight holders 1 Reel of cord