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img244 Vakuum: Magdeburské polokoule

Magdeburské polokoule

Katalogové číslo: 1003496
Dostupnost: Termín dodání ZDE
Hmotnost: 1 Kg
Popis Equipment set for demonstrations and practical teaching of Guericke’s historical experiment investigating the effect of atmospheric pressure. Includes nozzle for tubing, a simple hand pump and tubing with built-in directional valves. Two transparent acrylic plates with handles that can be held together with a coarse vacuum between them. Three sealing rings of various sizes are supplied for sealing the plates. This allows the dependency of the force on the contact area to be investigated. Acrylic plates: approx. 13 mm x 105 mm diam. Sealing rings: approx. 65 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm O diam.